My app is for runners and athletes who wear down their sneakers constantly. A worn shoe can lead to a plethora of problems, including knee pain, hip misalignment and issues with foot pronation or supination. There is a general rule about getting new running shoes every 300-500 miles but, without religious documentation it can be difficult to remember just when that is. I know I often forget to include my warm up and cool down in my mileage, and this can be over 10 miles per week. The app, KindSole, uses the phone camera to take a picture of the sole of the shoe (side view) and compares it to a database of running shoes. It compares the width of the sole and estimates how worn down the shoes are. Then, a second picture of the treads of the sneaker will ensure accuracy. The app could even be paired with NikePlus and track mileage and then send a warning to the runner when they need new shoes. In the future, KindSole could be expanded to make recommendations for types of shoes that would be best for the runner based on wear patterns. Wear patterns are a good indication of gait and show the type of foot-striking. These are very simple but valuable things for runners to be aware of. This app would make it easier to know when to change sneakers to prevent injury and maximize performance.