Originally, I intended to do a hard news story about college athletics, but upon researching and comparing two hard news stories, I may have revised my decision. It seems sports stories are more suited to feature stories.

The timeliness of “Fun and Games,” a story about a recent match between Serena and Venus Williams’ makes it a hard news story. The author, Joe Posnanski, begins with details about the score of the match and how each sister played. It goes on to explain the sisters’ backgrounds in tennis and has elements of a feature story in the less direct, slightly narrative style of writing. Additionally, the length of the article made it more like a feature story than a true hard news story. Yet, as it is directly relevant to a recent event, it could not be published at any time like a regular feature story.  Although the author did not seem completely unbiased (touting the Williams’ sisters as the greatest tennis players of all time) each claim was supported with a result from a tennis match or a relevant fact.

I would not cite this article as the best example of hard news reporting or writing, because it borders on a feature story. In some cases, sports stories can be breaking news and even hard news, ut in order for this to be true, they usually contain facets besides the sports themselves. For instance, when a professional athlete committing a crime could be considered hard news. Stories that detail what happened primarily on the court, field or track, are for entertainment and less suitable for hard news reporting.

On the other hand, the article “U.S. troops arrive in Sinai to boost security,” by Barbara Starr, exemplifies a traditional hard news story.  It is concise and direct, explaining only the integral facts related to US troops occupation of Sinai. Starr employs direct quotations sparingly and addresses the main points of the story (when, what, where and why) in the first sentences and elaborates from there. This follows the typical inverted pyramid structure of hard news stories. Although the writing was dry and straightforward, it was appropriate for the type of information that was being recorded.

In my own news story, I will choose a specific, timely and unusual event to report on. It needs to be an occurrence that impacts many people in Bloomsburg. I prefer the style of “U.S. troops arrive in Sinai to boost security” for a hard news story. Concise and direct reporting seems to be the most important features of hard news writing.